Ekbet India Register – Easy Sign Up Guide for 2022

Why You Should Register at EKBET

EKBET Primarily is considered among the best sportsbooks in India. It is known to offer lucrative welcome bonuses to new players. EKBET has a decent layout structure on the browser; however, one could access the bookmaker via their Android and IOS applications. EKBET is the only bookmaker site that attracts Indian gamblers as it accepts payment and deposits in Indian Currency.

If you are an Indian bettor, you will find extremely attractive bonuses throughout the cricketing season. Moreover, exclusive promotional events and offers are always there to catch the user’s attention. You will find much more about what’s happening in the sporting world, not just cricket.

EKBET offers a definite “Welcome Bonus,” which can be availed by every newcomer. Its mobile application interface is known to be beginner-friendly, making betting seamless and easy to understand. However, it’s recommended that 18+ individuals sign up on EKBET after going through a proper registration process.

EKBET Promotions – Sports Betting Sign-Up Bonus

After registering on EKBET, bettors can get up to a 100% bonus or ₹5,000, depending on your initial deposit and other parameters. If you wish to explore more about promotions and bonuses, you can click on the “All Promotion” tab and find various bonuses varying from 30 to 100%.

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Bonus applies to digital slot games, cards, casinos, sports, and much more. During the IPL season, one could find various bonuses, offering lucrative winnings and attractions. If you are facing any difficulty regarding the bonus claim, you can contact their chat executive instantly by clicking on “Chat Now.”

EKBET Register: Online Account Creation Quick Guide

Following are the steps an individual needs to follow to get themselves registered at the EKBET platform:

Step 1 – Search EKBET’s official website

Step 2 – Click on Join Now Tab on EKBET’s website

Step 3 – Fill in your details and other required fields

Step 4 – Remember to give a valid email address which will be used for account verification

How to Easily Register on EKBET Sportsbook Online – All You Need to know to Sign Up & Make a Bet

At first glance, the registration process might seem complicated, but once you explore the website independently, you can have a hassle-free experience.

You can even sign up using the mobile application, which has a pretty simple and understandable user interface, making the registration process extremely easy and convenient.

Exploring the mobile application and creating an account using the phone number and email is a must.

Step 1 – Search EKBET’s official website.

Search EKBET's official website

Search EKBET’s official website

Go into your browsing page and search for the official EKBET gambling website.

Step 2 – Click on Join Now Tab on EKBET’s website.

Click on Join Now Tab on EKBET's website

Click on Join Now Tab on EKBET’s website

As you click on “Join Now,” a window will appear in which you will have to fill out the required details.

Step 3 – Fill in your details and other required fields

Fill in your details and other required fields

Fill in your details and other required fields

You will have to set up your Player ID, Password, and Affiliate ID. You will also be filling in personal details such as Contact Number, Real Name, and Email. Validation will be sent to your email and registered phone number to confirm your registration process.

Step 4 – Remember to give a valid email address that will be used for account verification.

Here is your EKBET account

Here is your EKBET account

After verification of email and phone number, you will be redirected to the website’s main landing page.

Betting on the website

Then you can either move onto the virtual casino space or explore the sportsbook bets. The main horizontal toolbar will have tabs labeled Home, Sportsbook, Live Games, Slots, and Mobile. You can either place bets by browser or by logging in through the mobile application.

Before you place bets and play for a real wager, you must find the deposit method and stream. Moreover, if you are looking out for the bonus, you will need to fill out the entire wagering requirements and deposit an initial bonus.

Payment Methods for Indian Customers at EKBET Sportsbook

EKBET is known for accepting various Deposit Methods available locally and globally. If you are an Indian customer, you can pay through local depositing and digital currency applications. However, you can wire money through your verified bank account if you want.

Digital transfers can be made using various online methods, which include:

  • Bank transfers,
  • Neteller,
  • Paytm,
  • Visa/ Master Cards,
  • Phonepe,
  • Skrill.

Paytm and Phonepe are among the most recommended platforms to channel the transfer. These are used by many of the local Indian customers accessing the EKBET platform regularly. However, if you are searching for a withdrawal option, it’s quite simple and seamless compared to other bookmakers in the region. You can click “Withdraw” and select the local bank transfer option. You can fill in the amount, beneficiary’s name, and relevant details.

To confirm your transaction, you will receive a confirmation email and notification from EKBET’s finance department. To proceed with the transaction, you will need to provide a clear picture of your ID card.

Bookmaker Ratings Verdict

EKBET is a decent platform offering attractive offers, bonuses, and rewards. If you are an Indian, you will find amazing rewards during the peak cricketing season, such as IPL and World Cup. The registration process is very simple and easy to understand if completed via a mobile application. It’s best to enter valid credentials during the signup process to avoid any mishaps in the future.

FAQ about EKBET Register & Account Options

Can I Immediately Proceed and Make a Deposit After Registering My Account?

After setting up your account, you will need to verify your account details by accepting the terms and conditions. Moreover, you will have to verify the code or link which will be sent to your email or phone. A minimum deposit should be made, and then you are set to start wagering.

How Long Does it take to Register an EKBET Account?

After submitting all details and filling out terms and conditions, you are all set to start exploring the EKBET platform. If you are signing up via a mobile application, it may take up to ten minutes max to set up.

Can I Use EKBET Account when Travelling Abroad?

Yes, you can select your region from the main toolbar, where it indicates the flag of your country or region. Moreover, you can use a secured VPN connection if traveling abroad.

Will I Be Charged by EKBET if I Register New Account?

Registration is free, but you will have to deposit an initial amount in order to start placing bets or playing at the live casino.

If I Already Have an EKBET Account, Can I Register New Account from the Mobile App?

You can’t register a new account as your account is linked with your email and mobile number.

Do I Need to Register With EKBET to Get the App?

The mobile application is free, but in order to use it, you will require an operational account.

Are There Any Specific Bonus Codes?

With every sporting season, many bonuses and promotional offers can be claimed by clicking on “Promotions.”

How Can We Contact the EKBET Support Team?

You can reach them directly via Telegram and WhatsApp. The extensions are visible on their main webpage, you will need to click on it, and your WhatsApp will pop up.

How to Reset Password to Your Account?

Click on “Forgot Password” in the login menu. Follow the steps to reset the password, and you will receive an email regarding the new password.

“Your Account Has Been Suspended” Whenever I Try Login In – What Should I Do?

EKBET suspends accounts of individuals who do not comply with the online gaming rules or other parameters. You need to contact their chat support representative and ask for details.

How to Change Personal Information After Registration?

Click on your Profile or “My Account” tab and make the required changes.

Can I Temporarily Suspend My Account?

You will need to review their terms and conditions to understand more about the temporary suspension.

How Can I Permanently Close My EKBET Account?

You can contact their support to close the account; however, USD 30 or 10% of the amount will be deducted or whatever is higher.

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