Cutting the limits (cutting the maximum bet)

Dmitry Khlestkin


Account cuts, or limit reducing, is carried out by fundamental bookmakers against surebet players and other punters speculating in bets. The betting amount, winnings or losses, do not affect a bookmaker’s decision to reduce the limits for one or another account. Bookmakers’ decision to cut the limits depends on a punter’s betting style, not on the amount of winnings. If you do not place surebets, bet on corridors or make value betting (placing bets on the events underestimated by a bookmaker, with unreasonably low odds), the chances of being penalized are insignificant.

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If a limit is imposed against an account, a bookmaker who had allowed a punter to place a certain sum on different events, cuts the maximum bet the punter could place. There are several stages of cutting the limits. Typically, at the beginning a bookmaker reduces the maximum bet twice. If the bookmaker’s staff suspicions about the speculative betting are confirmed, the limits are cut a hundred, or even a thousand times. Thus, if the player had been allowed to place £5,000 on an each event, after the final cutting he would not be able to place more than £5 on the same events.

Are there bookmakers that don’t cut the limits?

Yes, there are bookmakers who let the professional players in. These are so-called low-margin bookmakers and betting exchanges. Unlike fundamental companies, these bookmakers earn by a betting funds turnover. At the same time, the low-margin bookmakers introduce the margin in their odds, while betting exchanges take a commission from players’ winnings.

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