Yair Rodriguez vs Josh Emmett🥊(UFC 284: Makhachev vs Volkanovski): Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 12/02/2023 | News & Preview

04:00, 12 feb 2023
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UFC 284: Makhachev vs Volkanovski is scheduled to take place in Australia on February 12 at the popular RAC Arena. The main card will feature a curious battle between featherweights Mexican Yair Rodriguez and American Josh Emmett. Whose chances of winning are preferable in this pairing? The fight is planned for 04:00 UK time.
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Fight Result – Yair Rodriguez to win

The bookmakers see Yair as the favourite in this encounter, but the difference in the odds is extremely small, which does not reflect reality. Everything in this fight will go to Rodriguez because in my eyes these guys are at different levels of ‘learning’ the technical stuff. Yes, Emmettt is undoubtedly good, but his current conditioning is definitely not comparable to what the Mexican fighter has shown in each of his fights.

Preliminary review and match prediction for Yair Rodriguez vs Josh Emmett

Yair Rodriguez: El Pantera

Number two on the featherweight table, one of the few who came to MMA from taekwondo. Yair has a black belt in that discipline, and has proven time and again that such a base is more than an effective tool in the cage. Yair can be described as one of the hardest-to-read athletes in the division. His movement and striking technique put top-level opposition on edge. Behind a double jab, he can throw a high kick, or launch a back fist altogether, and despite the visual randomness of what’s going on, it all looks harmonious in his execution. Rodriguez is a tough, fast fighter, with good defence against take-downs and a wealth of striker base behind him. 

Obviously, for a puncher, the biggest problems are always with opponents who apply pressure, preferring to work in the clinch and ground. Holloway simply did not give ‘’El Pantera’’ a chance to reach his potential, crushing him with his pace and the volume of his punches.

Josh Emmett: CC0

Josh fought in high school and college years then mastered jiu-jitsu (now purple belt), and only after that, switched to striking technique. Academic technique, excellent kickboxing, caution and good development of mid-range attacks, revealed in Josh a talent not only as a knockout but also as a puncher. In addition, the Californian’s strong jaw allows him to flirt with exchanges, although not all such schemes have had a positive outcome for him. 

Emmett is not one to throw the same kind of punches round after round, but age and the associated changes have their part to play. In addition, he sometimes surprises with his defensive attitude, in a bad way, going to the barricades with his visor down, as if he had a punching bag hanging in front of him rather than a live man standing in front of him.

Details and Statistics

Yair Rodriguez: 

Age 30;

Height 1.80;

Weight 66;

Reach 1.80;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 14-3-0, 1 N/C;

Wins – 5 Knockouts, 3 Submissions, 6 Decisions;

Losses – 2 Knockouts, 0 Submission, 1 Decision.

Josh Emmett:

Age – 37;

Height – 1.68;

Weight – 66;

Reach – 1.78;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 18-2-0;

Wins – 6 Knockouts, 2 Submissions, 10 Decisions;

Losses – 1 Knockout, 0 Submissions, 1 Decision.

Most popular FAQ for Yair Rodriguez vs Josh Emmett

Where will this fixture be played?

The event will take place at Rac Arena, Perth, Australia.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for this game?

We recommend checking out the odds for the UFC 284: Makhachev vs Volkanovski: Yair Rodriguez vs Josh Emmett at 1xBet.

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UFC 284
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Yair Rodriguez vs Josh Emmett
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