Tomasz Romanowski vs Radoslaw Paczuski🥊(KSW 78: Materla vs Grove II): Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 21/01/2023 | News & Preview

21:00, 21 jan 2023
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At the KSW 78 tournament, to be held in Szczecin on 21 January, the second biggest event of the KSW 78 tournament middleweights Pole Tomasz Romanowski and Pole Radoslaw Paczuski will meet on the main card. Who will be the stronger of the pair? The fight is planned for 21:00 UK time.
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Fight Result – Radoslaw Paczuski to win

Certainly, the lads had a completely different level of opposition, so one can draw the appropriate conclusions that Romanowski can pick his own up purely on experience. But such an inference could be faulty, as Tomasz is severely inferior in anthropometry.

Just imagine, his opponent has an 11-centimetre advantage in arm span, which is a killer figure. Considering that Paczuski is a kicker, he can cause a lot of trouble to his opponent from a distance.

Preliminary review and match prediction for Tomasz Romanowski vs Radoslaw Paczuski

Tomasz Romanowski: Tommy

Polish fighter Tomasz Romanowski is 33 years old, is nicknamed ‘’Tommy’’. He started his professional carrier in 2009, but now in his third year with KSW. At this point, he has a winning streak of four fights, including three knockouts.

Tomasz’s most recent victim was Cezary ‘’Polish Tank’’ Kesik, whom he finished by technical knockout in the first round. In total, Tomasz had 17 wins and eight defeats, but the lion’s share of failures came in the first six years of his career.

In the cage, Romanowski confidently uses his punching base, but success is most often achieved by refereeing decisions. Lately, though, Tomasz has tended to finish his fights early.

Radoslaw Paczuski: Radek

Radoslaw Pachuski is 29 years old and at this stage is an undefeated fighter whose record (5-0-0). This guy made a name for himself in the big Russian ACA where he fought his first three fights. But then for some reason, he decided to continue his fight on home soil. He has won four knockouts in a row, but the level of opposition was very modest.

He uses successfully base kickboxing, which allows him to smash opponents not only with his hands but also with his feet. Of course, like many kickers he employs a lot of low-kicks, blowing his opponents’ thighs off.

Details and Statistics

Tomasz Romanowski: 

Age 33;

Height 1.77;

Weight 77.1;

Reach 1.78;

Stance – Southpaw;

Statistics – 17-8-0, 1 Non Contests;

Wins – 7 Knockouts, 1 Submission, 9 Decisions;

Losses – 2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions, 4 Decisions.

Radoslaw Paczuski:

Age – 29;

Height – 1.87;

Weight – 83.9;

Reach – 1.88;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 5-0-0;

Wins – 4 Knockouts, 0 Submissions, 1 Decision;

Losses – 0 Knockouts, 0 Submissions, 0 Decisions.

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Where will this fixture be played?

The event will take place at the Netto Arena in Szczecin, Poland.

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We recommend checking out the odds for the KSW 78: Materla vs Grove II: Tomasz Romanowski vs Radoslaw Paczuski at 1xBet.

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KSW 78: Materla vs Grove II
21:00/21 jan
Tomasz Romanowski vs Radoslaw Paczuski
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