Loma Lookboonmee vs Elise Reed🥊(UFC 284: Makhachev vs Volkanovski): Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 12/02/2023 | News & Preview

04:00, 12 feb 2023
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UFC 284: Makhachev vs Volkanovski is scheduled to take place in Australia on February 12 at the popular RAC Arena. The women’s strawweight bout between Thai Loma Lookboonmee and American Elise Reed will be part of the UFC 284 tournament card. The winner of this pairing could significantly improve his position in the rankings. Will we get a surprise outcome here? The fight is planned for 04:00 UK time.
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Fight Result – Loma Lookboonme to win by decision

The American is unlikely to counter the style of Loma, who stays cool in her fights and is even willing to give up the initiative to dismantle a particular opponent on the counter. Going forward aggressively, Reed can forget about her own defence, which can be fraught with serious damage We think that in her typical style, the Thai will win by a decision.

Preliminary review and match prediction for Loma Lookboonmee vs Elise Reed

Loma Lookboonmee: Loma Sitjaou

Thai Lome Lukbunmi is 27 years old and has been competing professionally since 2018. Already a year later, she has been signed by the UFC, where she has continued her quality performances. She was invited to the UFC after just her fourth fight. In the UFC, her record is 4-2, which is pretty good. But more amusingly, all six fights in that promotion involving the Thai ended in decisions. The overall record now consists of seven wins and three losses. Most often she brings fights to the judges’ decision. Her last fight was in September 2022, where she defeated Denise ‘’Dee’’ Gomes on points.

Of course, the Thai uses a base of Thai boxing. She has good work in the clinch, where she plants knees and elbows on her opponents. Moves well and also defend well against take-downs. But the girl lacks knockout power, and she also has a meagre set of skills in BJJ.

Elise Reed: 

The 30-year-old, a member of the top strawweight class, hails from the United States. Alice Reed will fight for the fifth time in the UFC. Elise’s record currently stands at 7-2. She has five wins by decision, two wins and two losses by knockout, so she alternates bad performances with good ones. For example, at UFC 279 she was able to defeat Melissa ‘’Super Mely’’ Martinez on points and previously lost by technical knockout to Sam ‘’Sampage’’ Hughes. At this stage, she is 30 years old and her record consists of six wins and two losses.

The emphasis in her fights is on her striking technique, where she prefers to work as number one. However, Elise has plenty of gripes, which are exploited by skilled jitters and wrestlers.

Details and Statistics

Loma Lookboonmee: 

Age 27;

Height 1.55;

Weight 52;

Reach 1.56;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 7-3-0;

Wins – 1 Knockout, 0 Submissions, 6 Decisions;

Losses – 0 Knockouts, 1 Submission, 2 Decisions.

Elise Reed:

Age – 30;

Height – 1.60;

Weight – 52;

Reach – 1.60;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 6-2-0;

Wins – 2 Knockouts, 0 Submissions, 4 Decisions;

Losses – 2 Knockouts, 0 Submissions, 0 Decisions.

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Where will this fixture be played?

The event will take place at Rac Arena, Perth, Australia.

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We recommend checking out the odds for the UFC 284: Makhachev vs Volkanovski: Loma Lookboonmee vs Elise Reed at 1xBet.

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UFC 284: Makhachev vs Volkanovski
04:00/12 feb
Loma Lookboonmee vs Elise Reed
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