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Bookmaker Ratings

This post describes the process behind our bookmaker rating: what criteria are taken into account and what are not. Below you will find all the main causes of disputes between bookmakers and players along with recommendations on how to resolve such disputes. The recommendations are based on our understanding of the fair treatment of players and comparison of the customer focus of companies. The document is updated as new cases appear. The revision date and changes made are listed at the end of the post.

BR mediation

Bookmaker should:

  1. Accept Bookmaker Rating as an intermediary for discussion of complaints.
  2. Disclose data specified in the privacy policy in the course of discussion.
  3. Comply with all requirements[1] listed in this post.

Calculation of bets

Sources of information

  1. Primarily, bets should be calculated according to the sources enshrined in the bookmaker’s rules. If such sources do not provide any information, one should use the results published on the competition organizer’s website.
  2. If this information is not available, bets can be settled according to information provided by reputable sports data providers. Examples are Sportradar, Opta.
  3. In some cases, it is appropriate to use broadcasts.

Returns of winning bets

We do not object to returns if:

  1. Bets are made on events that have already happened (aftergoal betting, when the event has already taken place).
  2. Teams’ or athletes’ names are mixed up.
  3. Bets are made with a pre-match range on events that have already begun.
  4. Rules of an event have been changed – provided that this is indicated in the rules [changed on August, 27].

We do not recommend returning:

  1. Aftergoal bets for which the result is not yet known. For example, a player bet on a total over 2.5 after the first goal was scored and before the odds were changed. He should recalculate this bet at the market odds, taking into account the goal scored.
  2. Bets with erroneous odds. These bets must be calculated at market odds.
  3. All refunds must be made no later than three days after the end of the event. We understand that deadlines may be violated in some cases for reasons beyond the bookmaker’s control. Violation of the deadlines must not be permanent, and every case will be considered independently. For example, refunds made immediately after a player has requested a payout, but later than three days, will be considered as a violation of the recommendations.
  4. Exception: Bookies that refund all bets placed at erroneous odds, including losing bets. This information is included in the overview of such bookmakers in the Pros and Cons section.

Sanctions against players

The evaluation of the betting provider’s reliability characteristic depends on the fulfilment of the requirements listed below concerning sanctions against players. This is due to the fact that bookmakers apply sanctions to unwelcome categories of customers, such as arbers and those who bet on errors in the range or fixed matches.

The overall rating of a bookmaker is not directly related to the reliability score.

We recommend that professional gamblers check the reliability score when choosing a betting provider.

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Decreasing maximum bets

We don’t mind lowering maximums, but this shouldn’t apply to accounts that have any turnover requirements. If a bookmaker limits the maximum bet amount, then all turnover requirements must be lifted and the balance paid out upon first request without any additional commission.

Margin increase

We are not against margin increases, but this limitation should not apply to accounts with any turnover requirements. If a bookmaker imposes sanctions to an account all turnover requirements must be lifted and the balance paid on first demand without additional commission.

Blocking account balance, confiscation of winnings, confiscation of balance

Sanctions are appropriate in the following cases:

  1. Player refuses to pass the verification procedure.
  2. Player send fake documents.
  3. If the player insists that he sent legal documents the bookmaker must give him the opportunity to prove it. The method we use is to notarize copies of the player’s documents and send them to the bookmaker by postal mail.
  4. Credit card fraud.
  5. Bets on fixed matches.
  6. Proven multi-accounting.
  7. If a bookmaker believes that a player has multiple accounts this is not a reason to confiscate the balance or winnings, unless irrefutable evidence has been collected, such as:

-recognition of the player;

-payment method match: the player has replenished two or more accounts using the same payment method;

-IP addresses match or using the same equipment by the player.

Confiscation of bonuses

This type of sanction is appropriate in the following situations:

  1. The bonuses were not intended for a group of players but were awarded to them by mistake.
  2. If the rules of the bookmaker state that a bonus is limited to one IP address, computer, family and physical address, we do not object to the confiscation of this bonus in the case where respective violations have been detected. We are against the confiscation of winnings or the entire balance, however. It will be fair to confiscate the winnings proportionally to the bonus received. For example, if a player made a deposit and received a 100% bonus, then a maximum of half of the winnings can be confiscated because the other half was won with the player’s money.
  3. Winnings received using free bets can also be confiscated in case of a rules violation.

Increasing time for accepting live bets

We have no objection to increasing the time for accepting live bets.

Accepting bets manually

We do not object to accepting bets manually, but this limitation should not apply to accounts with any turnover requirements. If a bookmaker imposes sanctions all turnover requirements must be lifted and the balance paid on first demand without additional commission.

Withholding commission for servicing a deposit/withdrawal

This sanction is appropriate if the player has been convicted of proven multi-accounting.



  1. Personal identity and address verifications must be completed within two weeks. Artificial delays in carrying out this procedure will be regarded as a violation of the recommendations.
  2. If there are errors in the date of birth or name specified during registration and there is no second similar account with the same data, then verification should be carried out and the errors corrected.
  3. If incorrect data was entered deliberately during registration in order to get around the automatic detection of matching data, the procedure may be skipped and the account left blocked.

Deposits and payouts

Matching of the account holder in the bookmaker’s database and in the payment method

  1. We recommend checking that the owner of the payment method and the owner of the account correspond at the moment of funds depositing. The exception is made for impersonal payment methods, such as gift cards, vouchers and the like.
  2. If for any reason this check was not carried out at the time of the deposit, the mismatch should not become a reason for the confiscation of winnings, except in the following cases:

– depositing other accounts that were put under sanctions with the same payment method, which is proof of multi-accounting;

– credit card fraud.

Replenishment sources

Payments must be made with the same method and to the same payment details that were used to deposit the account. Exceptions are made for the methods that a bookmaker can’t use for any reasons beyond its control. Such methods should be marked as one-way on the bookmaker’s website.

Payout amount

  1. The maximum payout amount must be specified in the rules and executed accordingly.
  2. Splitting the amount of the payment is considered as a violation of the recommendations. Exceptions are made for cases where the amount of one transaction is limited by a payment system. In such cases, the player should be given the opportunity to order the number of payouts he desires for the entire balance.

Payout times

  1. Payments to payment systems must be processed within 1 (one) day.
  2. Payments to credit cards and bank accounts – within 7 (seven) business days.

Support service

It is not recommended to:

  1. Insult players.
  2. Laugh at them or tease them.
  3. Discuss with players political, religious and any other issues that are not related to the subject of the request or argue on such issues.
  4. Respond later than a day after the request.
  5. Ignore players’ requests.
  6. Copy extracts from the rules into the answer, without explaining to the player his case specifically.
  7. Provide false information.

Bookmaker’s history

  1. In order to get into the “fours”, the company must be presented on the market for at least 2 years[2]. All complaints must be closed.
  2. To get into the “fives”, the company must operate for at least 5 years. All complaints must be closed.

Bookmaker license

To get a score of five, a bookmaker must be licensed by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

Score change

  1. A score may be increased only if there are no open complaints.
  2. Any bookmaker can increase its rating by fulfilling the requirements indicated above. Even the one that was blacklisted.
  3. Bookmakers with scores of 5 and 4 may be downgraded if even one of the justified complaints was not satisfied.
  4. Bookmakers with a score of 3 can be downgraded for gross violations such as confiscation of winnings, unreasonable blocking and long delays in payments. In cases of returns due to errors, the bookmaker will maintain its score of 3.

Principles of justice and comparison

In situations not reviewed above Bookmaker Rating will be guided by principles of justice. If these rules do not contain a clause for a situation, it does not mean that we approve or recommend doing so. The list of recommendations will be complemented as new cases appear.

We do not affirm and do not intend to argue about what is good and what is bad. Rating is for players. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the reliability score of a bookmaker does not affect the overall bookmaker’s score, as in the vast majority of cases, bookmakers apply sanctions to arbers and other types of players from the group of risk.


  1. Requirements come into effect from the date of publication or amendment of the document. Complaints that were closed before the changes were made will not be reconsidered.
  2. The period during which the company actively attracted customers is considered. It is impossible to evaluate old-established companies with a small number of players due to the lack of reviews.

Changes made

  • Post published on August 26, 2015
  • August 27, 2015: change made to the paragraph on bets refunds
  • September 7, 2015: item number 2 added to the notes.
  • January 25, 2016: paragraph on multi-accounting changed. The coincidence of IP addresses or using the same equipment by a player is considered as evidence. Previously, we didn’t consider these factors.
  • January 25, 2016: item added on withholding commission for servicing deposits / withdrawals.
  • February 12, 2016: time limits of the verification procedure were changed.
  • April 17, 2017: change made to the section on the refund of winning bets.
  • June 8, 2017: item on self-exclusion of players removed.
  • July 4, 2017: item on the bookmaker’s license added.
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